Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Access Hollywood - Special Victims Unit

In the celebrity justice system, sexually based offenses are recently considered especially heinous. In Themyscira, the blogger who bitches about these vicious felonies, and her ever shrinking Netflix play list, is a member of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are her stories.

My place of employment used to employee a perverted creeper. He was rude, unattractive and stupid. And under the false belief that he was a lady killer. He once received a card from a client and called to ask her out, believing she was flirting with him. Upon speaking with the client, he learned the card was part of a mass mailing she'd sent to all her business contacts. She didn't even know his name. He was humiliated. It was hilarious.

Unfortunately, creepers, undeterred by rejection and humiliation, keep on creeping. One day he made the unwise decision of telling me how much he admired the breasts of another co-worker. He looked me square in the boobs and said, “Her tits are even bigger than yours.” Then he snapped my bra strap. I had been holding an unopened package of copier paper. I threw it at him. He didn't react at all. I assume he was used to women throwing things at him.
I reported the incident to Human Resources. My HR representative asked me if I tried to work things out with The Creeper. I said I had not. I didn't think I should have to tell a co-worker he can't touch my underwear. I feel like that's something that should just be understood. She wanted to know exactly what he said to me. So I had to say, “Her tits are bigger than yours,” to someone I barely knew. It was awkward and uncomfortable. It was also inaccurate. My tits are bigger, not that it matters.

As numerous high profile creepers are being outed for their creepiness, idiots and assholes are asking why the women didn't speak up sooner. They did, you idiot and/or asshole. You just weren't listening. Or if you did listen, you said something stupid like, “If you didn't tell the guy it made you uncomfortable when he touched your underwear, how is he supposed to know not to do it?”

Let's take a look at some celebrity creepers who were outed long ago and the way their creepiness was ignored.

1.) Roman Polanski – Admitted to and was convicted of drugging and raping a thirteen year-old girl in 1977. Fled the country to avoid prison. Forty years later, A-list celebrities still work with him. He even won an Oscar in 2002 and received a standing ovation at the ceremony he couldn't attend because he can't returned to the United States without being arrested for the rape of a thirteen year-old girl, a crime he confessed to committing.

2.) Woody Allen – Married his daughter. His defenders are quick to point out this was an adopted daughter. I'm quick to point out marrying someone who calls you Dad is gross. A-list celebrities continue to work with him. I would like to take this moment to say Woody Allen movies are horrible and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. His whole career is dumb luck. Long ago, some like-minded weird fuck claimed Woody was a brilliant comic genius and anyone who didn't get it was dumb. Not wanting to appear stupid, others began calling him a genius. And on and on it went until Woody Allen had a successful film career. America, I think it's time we, as a nation, come together and admit Woody Allen is boring. Marrying his daughter is the only interesting thing he's ever done.

3.) Ted Fucking Nugent Not only did he adopt a teenage girl for the sole purpose of fucking her, he publicly bragged about it on VH1's Behind The Music. He's the redneck Woody Allen.  The Nuge isn't an A-list celebrity, but he's one of the biggest conservative celebrities. Second only to Scott Baio. Scott Baio dated one of the girls on Charles In Charge while playing her nanny on TV.

These men openly committed heinous acts of debauchery and everyone turned a blind eye. They didn't lose their jobs. They weren't boycotted. Sure, Polanski has to live out the rest of his life in France, but that's a price he's willing to pay to fuck children. There are many more examples like these. The last two hundred and forty-one years has been a shitty time to be a woman in America. Our society is more sympathetic to male victims of sexual assault. Check it. Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen year-old boy and his career ended instantly. Now go re-read the Roman Polanski shit.

But, alas, the tide is turning. The Ted Nugents of the world are going down. Although, not Ted Nugent himself. He's still Fox and Friends' BFF.

Now please excuse me while I write an open letter to Bill Cosby supporters:

Dear Bill Cosby Supporters,

There is no conspiracy against Cosby. Stop saying that out loud. You sound really stupid and I automatically think less of you. Yes, he expressed interest in buying the network, but NBC did not get fifty women to claim Cosby raped them. NBC did not force Hannibal Burress to call Cosby a rapist in his night club act. NBC did not employ a secret agent to record Hannibal's act and post it online. NBC did not get Andrea Constand to file a police report a decade before the network was for sale. If the owners of NBC didn't want to sell to Cosby, all they had to do was simply say no.

There is no conspiracy. Shut the fuck up.

Warm Regards,
Donna Troy

While I'm telling people to shut the fuck up, I would like to offer a little advice to all men guilty of sexual harassment. Shut the fuck up. No one is interested in your “sorry/not sorry” apologies. Most of the men I'm about to bitch about have issued a variation of the same statement: “While I don't remember the incident the same way she does, I'm sorry if she misinterpreted my actions.” That is blaming the victim, not apologizing. Own your shit, assholes.

Now I shall provide a select list of celebrity sexual predators and my level of disgust and/or disappointment with each.

Louis C.K. Louis confessed to jacking it in front of women, but prefaced that by stating he asked for permission first. I would like to take this time to explain to all men that no women want to see your dick. Ever.  It serves a purpose, but it's not much to look at. This is why Playgirl never took off the way Playboy did. If a woman ever compliments your dick, it doesn't mean your dick is special. It means you're a special dick to her. She's in love with you. Be nice to her.

Kevin Spacey  ***Spoiler Alert*** The season finale of House of Cards ended with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) becoming the first woman president. And Robin Wright got to be president for all of five minutes before we finally learned why Kevin Spacey is so good at playing assholes. Turns out he's not a good actor. He's just an asshole. And Netflix promptly canceled House of Cards. We can't even have a fictional woman president without a sexual predator fucking it up. 

Jeffrey Tambor Will this impact the fifth season of Arrested Development? It's supposed to come out next year. Not to be selfish, but I waited a fucking decade for the fourth season as it is. And I'm one of the few people who actually watched the show when it originally aired on Fox. I tried to convince my friends they'd like it, but they wouldn't listen. Of course, after it was canceled and picked up a cult following, they all started watching the DVDs and quoting from it non-stop. Then they would ask, “Why was this show canceled?” 

I'm afraid you just blue yourself.
Charlie Rose Charlie Rose was on PBS for fuck's sake. PBS should be a pervert free zone. It's the home of Mr. Rogers and Big Bird. Shit. I just remembered Bill Cosby was on The Electric Company. Oh, and the Elmo guy was also fired for something pervy. PBS really needs to do a better job of screening people before they hire them. They've got a lot of nerve interrupting shows to beg for money from viewers like you while they're letting rapists run around willy-nilly. I hated their fucking pledge weeks. They always interrupted just as the trolley was leaving for The Neighborhood of Make Believe. Why were they asking for pledges during Mr. Rogers? Three year-olds don't have money. 

Jeremy Piven I've never liked Jeremy Piven. He seems like an asshole and he always plays assholes. (See Kevin Spacey.) He was an asshole on The Larry Sanders Show. Fuck. Jeffrey Tambor was on that show, too. Double fuck. Scott Baio was on Arrested Development. Fucking Bob Loblaw. Anyway, Piven is so adamant the claims against him are false, he voluntarily took a polygraph and passed. I still don't believe him and have conducted a thorough investigation of the following evidence proving his guilt.

Fact – One of his accusers is Cassidy Freeman, who was on Smallville, a show I like.
FactPiven was on Entourage, a show I hate.

I rest my case.

Senator Al Franken – While touring with the USO, Franken thought it would be funny to take a picture while grabbing the breasts of a sleeping co-star. I don't know what bothers me more: the molestation of an unconscious woman, or that a man who made a living as a comedian thought it was funny. Even if the woman had been awake and in on the joke, it wouldn't be funny. It's just stupid. It's like the Kathy Griffin picture with the severed head of Donald Trump. It was dumb. I'm not offended by the severed head of Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter. But it's not something I look at laugh. It's something I look at and shrug. 

While I'm on the subject, could Kathy Griffin get a fucking grip already. Girl, you are the only one who is surprised CNN fired you. The rest of America is surprised you lasted this long. You do offensive shit. That's who you are. Embrace it. Don't have a meltdown over Anderson Cooper. He's hot, but he's gay. That was never going to happen.

Harvey Weinstein and his brother, Bob Like most people, when the news about Harvey Weinstein broke, I said to myself, “Who the fuck is Harvey Weinstein?” I watched the news long enough to learn he is a successful movie producer who has abused, attacked or assaulted almost everyone who's ever worked for him. His brother, Bob, has ridden his coattails and harassed his leftovers. The reporter who broke the story on Harvey Weinstein is Ronan Farrow. Ronan Farrow's mother is actress Mia Farrow. His “father” is Woody Allen, except his father is obviously Frank Sinatra. And because creepers keep on creeping, Woody Allen is the only person on Earth who's publicly expressed sympathy for the super predator, Harvey Weinstein. No word on how he feels about Bob.

Fox News and the Glenn Becks of the world were still licking their wounds over the downfalls of Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes when the news of Harvey Weinstein broke. They were so overcome with glee, they completely forgot to show empathy or compassion for the traumatized victims in the midst of their joyous rapture. They shouted, “Aha! Liberals can be creepers too!” And liberals everywhere said, “Yeah, no shit. I mean, pick a Kennedy for fuck's sake.”  

For more on the downfall of Bill O'Reilly see:  The No-Reilly Factor

President George Herbert Walker Bush – The forty-first president of the United States and at ninety-three, the oldest living president of the United States. He has been wheelchair bound for some time. Not one to let a disability keep him down, he found a clever way to accidentally-on-purpose play grab ass with every young woman he's met. This is like finding out your grandfather has been feeling up your friends. If you're surprised by this news, keep in mind George is the uncle of Billy Bush of the infamous Donald Trump/Access Hollywood/Gram 'Em By The Pussy tape. And keep in mind the tape didn't keep Trump out of the White House. Also, keep in mind if Bush's freaky groping habits had come to light in 1988 he still would have been president.

Judge Roy Moore – Former Alabama judge and current senate candidate stands accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen year-old girl. Though he maintains his innocence, he doesn't deny trying to date teenage girls. Which leads me to wonder how he maintains his innocence. He's like the white trash R. Kelly. Not surprisingly, President Grab-A-Pussy is standing by Roy Moore. At least, I think he is because sometimes Trump refers to him as Ray Moore. Some Alabama voters stated voting for Roy Moore is still better than voting for a democrat. Please excuse me while I write an open letter to Alabama:

Dear Alabama,

It's time we admit this relationship has run it's course. We're just not that into you.


Namaste, Bitches

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Oh Say Can You Shut The Fuck Up

If a person from another country asked me to explain American football, I would say, a bunch of guys run into each and fall down. I don't understand football and I have no interest in understanding football. It bores me. All sports bore me. I used to think O.J. played basketball. I only found out he was a football player because he allegedly murdered two people. I've got all day long to watch a murder trial. I understand the appeal of murder. I don't understand the appeal of football. I believe I get this from my mom who once asked my sister to change the channel because she “can't listen to ball.”

Last week, a friend of mine posted an article about Colin Kaepernick on Facebook. I only know who Colin Kaepernick is because of the anthem controversy. I don't know what team he played on and I'm not about to Google it because I don't care. Some jackass, who appears to be Facebook stalking my friend, went on a rant about how people have died for our country and he believes kneeling during the national anthem somehow negates that. The Facebook stalker typed this in all caps, which has me concerned for my friends safety. I've found most people who type in all caps are unhinged.

If I understand the Colin Kaepernick controversy correctly, it goes like this:  An absurd amount of unarmed black people have been shot and killed by police. If you're wondering how many unarmed people murdered by police it takes to be considered absurd, the number is one. Colin Kaepernick believes this absurd amount of murder is fucked up. Since Kaepernick is a public figure he used his position to bring attention to all the fucked up murders. In an act of peaceful protest, he chose to kneel during the national anthem. And football fans across America became so enraged they almost spilled their beer.

Can you blame them? I mean, the man kneeled during The Star-Spangled Banner. That's an unforgivable offense. It's not like he panicked during a routine traffic stop, fired seven shots into a vehicle, executing a man for having a broken tail light and traumatizing the four-year-old who was in the back of the car. That's the kind of transgression America is quick to overlook. But kneel during a song and we'll make sure you never appear in a Gatorade commercial. We can't allow you to set a bad example for the children who aren't being shot at.

Facebook Stalker, if you're reading this, I know you think you've won the argument because you typed “people have died” in all caps. However, Colin Kaepernick is kneeling because people have died. The fact that you're more outraged over kneeling than murder has me concerned for my friend's safety.

Colin Kaepernick is not currently on a team because NFL team owners were all like, “Oh lord, he didn't rise for the national anthem. I've got the vapors. Someone bring me my smelling salts.” Then NFL players, and for some reason, Stevie Wonder, were all like, “This is some bullshit.” And they decided to kneel during the anthem. And nothing else matters in America until we resolve this NFL shit.

I don't understand why people are losing their shit over kneeling. That seems kind of respectful. I haven't been to church for anything other than a wedding or funeral in over twenty years, but if memory serves, I believe people kneel to pray. 

If the anthem is truly being played to honor those who have died, kneeling makes more sense. I don't care for the hand over the heart thing. Women don't have an unobstructed path to the heart. If I have to grab my chest in public, someone better be making it rain dollar bills.

This outrage over kneeling seems really hypocritical when you consider the fact that we play the anthem for ridiculous occasions. As I mentioned before, I have no interest in sports. I don't attend ball games. Ergo, I attend zero events where the national anthem is played. I've attended rallies for presidential candidates. I've heard Jon Bon Jovi play Living On A Prayer. I've heard a college marching band play Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted in 2016, no less. I would expect to hear, “Please rise for the national anthem,” at such an event. Instead I heard, “Please enjoy this weird version of a thirty year-old Paula Abdul song.”

Yet, back in the day when TV networks used to sign off at night, they played the national anthem to mark the end of their broadcast day. All across America people in their jammies would rise and exclaim, “Fuck, it's late. I gotta get to bed.”

I've always found the tradition of playing the anthem before ball games to be odd. When  soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, I don't think they were worried about being honored at an event where people shove nachos and beer in their face while millionaires knock each other down. Nachos and beer shouldn't be consumed when honoring fallen veterans. It seems undignified somehow.

America, if we really believe The Star-Spangled Banner is sacrosanct, why would we allow Cher to sing it? The NFL books bland pop stars with no range to perform. They water it down to fit their limited range and the result is anti-climatic. I like Cher, but when she sang it was like listening to Mr. Ed sing The Star-Spangled Banner. (For millennials – Mr. Ed is an old sitcom about a talking horse. It's as stupid as it sounds.)

Remember when Roseanne sang it at a baseball game and people were “shocked” because she treated it as a joke? And Roseanne received death threats?  And the dumbass who booked a comedian with no singing talent to sing received zero death threats? I mean, I'm against death threats over a song, but if you feel that strongly about it, at least aim your outrage in the right direction.

The Star-Spangled Banner is a difficult song to sing. Whitney Houston nailed it and no one else should attempt it. I think we should always play Whitney's version or pick a different song for our national anthem. I suggest Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus. It's easier to sing and the lyrics are easier to remember. “Moving my hips like yeah” is how we actually speak. Don't try to get snotty about it. When was the last time you used ramparts in a sentence?
Speaking of people with limited vocabulary, Donald Trump has decided to get involved in this anthem controversy because the job of president apparently affords him a lot of free time.  He's been tweeting non-stop about boycotting the NFL until they fire the players for kneeling. Call me skeptical, but I think Trump may have an ulterior motive in all this. Trump is notorious for his ability to hold a grudge and this isn't his first fight with the NFL. 

Once upon a time, all the way back in the year 1982, a rival football league was created. This was called the United States Football League or USFL. Donald Trump, then a New York realtor with no real accomplishments to speak of, decided to purchase a team called the New Jersey Generals. (I just realized this is probably what he was talking about during the debates when he said he had lots of generals on his team.) The USFL played in the spring. In 1985, Trump pushed the USFL to move their season to the fall to force a merger with the NFL. The owners of the USFL were not aware that Trump was a self-proclaimed brilliant businessman and not an actual brilliant businessman.

Trump then sued the NFL for existing and a judge awarded him three dollars to shut him up. That's right. He won three whole George Washingtons. The USFL went under and lost one hundred and sixty-three million George Washingtons. Because Donald Trump believes nothing is ever his fault, he's been trying to exact revenge on the NFL for thirty-two years.

Now please excuse me while I troll Trump on Twitter.

Namaste, Bitches

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Reclaiming My Time

When I started this blog all the way back in the year 2016, I had no intention of writing about Donald Trump so much. Back then he was just one of many fucktards running for president. Then he won the republican nomination making him the top fucktard. I was surprised, but looking back, I guess I shouldn't have been. Republicans had been courting ignorant racist voters for a long time. And those ignorant racists saw their ignorant racist messiah in Donald Trump. The nomination of Trump was an ugly mark on American history. An ugly mark that was supposed to end after the election. I expected to be writing about the vast right wing conspiracy claiming Hillary Clinton kidnapped one hundred and one dalmatian puppies for their fur. But that didn't happen. I don't know what happened. But I'll find out what happened on Tuesday when I receive my pre-ordered Kindle version of Hillary Clinton's book entitled, What Happened.

In the meantime, I'm fucking sick of Trump. I'm sick of hearing his guttural voice and his ridiculous accent. I'm fucking sick of watching his ties flap against his crotch because he wears them too long. I hate his stupid face. I'm sick of his three chinless children believing they are productive members of society on the sole basis of their father being a self-proclaimed billionaire. I'm fucking sick of waiting for Tiffany to write her tell-all book. Please excuse me while I write an open letter to Tiffany Trump:

Dear Tiffany,

Bitch, what are you waiting for? I already gave you the title, The Daughter He Left Behind: The Tiffany Trump Story. If you don't get on it soon, I'm going to write it myself. And I will be selling the rights to your story, which I will be making up, to the Lifetime Movie Network.

Best wishes,
Donna Troy

Anyway, I'm most sick of Trump's constant Mexican bashing to placate his ignorant racist base. I have to address his asshole plan of canceling DACA, but as I have so fervently stated, I'm fucking sick of Trump. Therefore, I am reclaiming my time. I shall be addressing my remarks to the members of his ignorant racist base who believe the cancellation of DACA is good for reasons which are stupid. Please share this blog post with all your ignorant racist relatives, co-workers or neighbors.

Welcome, ignorant racist relatives, co-workers or neighbors of people who read my blog. I'm glad you're here. There are some things we need to discuss about DACA. First, DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA is not a Mexican gang that will rise up and take over the streets with the guns Obama did not take from you. I know this probably won't calm your fears about Mexican gangs because you're stupid. So you should also know Mexican gangs aren't very scary. Watch West Side Story. It's about a Puerto Rican gang, but I don't think it makes any difference to you. Because I once heard an ignorant racist refer to my Vietnamese neighbors as Mexicans. I'm also about ninety percent sure you don't know Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. I'm also pretty certain Trump didn't know it until his advisers told him to declare a state of emergency before Hurricane Irma. He was all like, “What do I care about Puerto Rico? Mexico is on their own. I'm building a wall.” Shit. I'm talking about Trump.

Reclaiming my time. 

In West Side Story the Mexi-Rican gang members do some weird dance-y, snapping thing for a fucking eternity before they ever get around to pulling out their switch blades. It provides ample time to run to safety. And you don't have to worry about watching a movie with Mexi-Rican actors. The Puerto Rican lead character, Maria, is played by Russian American actress, Natalie Wood. Her real name was Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko and she may or may not have been murdered by the guy from Hart to Hart.

I would love to use this opportunity to make a joke about your chosen messiah and the Russians, but I can't because I'm reclaiming my time. Instead, I'll use this opportunity to remind you that people immigrate here from countries other than Mexico. Believe it or not, white undocumented immigrants roam freely across the nation. And you'll never know who they are because they look just like you. They could be collecting your dead grandma's social security as we speak. If you're still not freaked out by people who look like you, I recommend you watch the 1956 version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Everyone was white in black and white movies. I guess you could watch the 1978 version. The main cast is still all white, but it's unnecessarily longer and I don't care for Donald Sutherland. 

I believe we've established you don't really give a shit about immigration or pod people. Now we need to understand your irrational fear of Mexicans.  We shall explore your top three complaints about DACA and I'll explain why your reasoning is bullshit.

Top Three Bullshit Complaints About DACA

1. DACA is Obama's unconstitutional evil master plan to create more democrat voters.

While I'm often impressed by your ability to invent sweeping conspiracies out of nothing, I must call bullshit. First of all, your irrational hatred of Obama is as intense as my rational hatred of Trump. Secondly, you have no idea if DACA is unconstitutional or not. You've never read the constitution. If you were asked to recite the preamble right now, it would go something like this:

We the people of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands
One nation under a groove
Gettin' down just for the funk
Just for the taste of it – Diet Coke

Let's get real. If you cared about the constitution, we wouldn't have a president who thinks there are twelve articles to the constitution. Shit. I'm doing it again.

Reclaiming my time.

DACA doesn't create more democrat voters. Because it doesn't immediately grant citizenship like you seem to believe. It simply allows undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children to apply for green cards or visas without fear of being deported. If democrats were using immigrants to vote illegally in the numbers you claim, I would be writing about President Hillary Fucking Clinton's plan to immediately grant citizenship to everyone with DACA status. 

2.) Mexicans are taking your jobs.

I call bullshit because you can't make up your mind about what's causing your unemployment. You also claim environmental regulations are closing down the factories where you once worked. Mexicans can't be taking your jobs if the jobs don't exist. You need to get specific and name the actual jobs Mexicans are taking from you. For example, say you worked at a Taco Bell and an authentic Mexican restaurant opened up next door. The authentic Mexican restaurant would probably have more customers and the Taco Bell would close. But that's not a great example because Taco Bell serves expired dog food. People just don't want to eat that shit even if there are no other restaurants in the neighborhood.

I only know one example of a white person losing a job due to Mexican interference. A co-worker called a woman who had applied for a position. She asked the woman why she had been out of work for so long. The unemployed woman replied, “Because these Mexicans keep coming over here and taking all the jobs.” That's a stupid thing to say in a job interview no matter what. But when the interviewer's last name is Santana-Cruz, that's stupidity of epic proportions. Needless to say, the woman was not offered the job. And as much as that idiot would like to blame Mexicans for her lack of work, she Archie Bunkered herself out of a job.

It's like when the judge on the Trump University case had a name that sounded too Mexican-y for Trump's taste. And Trump tried to claim the judge was biased against him because of all the racist shit Trump said about Mexicans. And Trump had to settle out of court for millions of dollars because he was guilty as fuck and a new judge wouldn't have changed that.


Reclaiming my time.

3.) They don't speak English.

I call bullshit because... So? I truly don't understand why people get such a stick up their ass about this. I live my life every day with the knowledge that there are people in this country who don't speak English. It effects my life not at all. I mean, I occasionally have to press 1 for English, but that takes less than a second. I know a lot of you get, like, psychotically pissed when you have to press 1 for English and I really need you to know it's psychotic.

I was on an elevator with a really stupid co-worker one time. Two other women got on the elevator and began speaking Spanish to each other. My really stupid co-worker kept making weird, jerky, tight-lipped facial expressions at me. I knew she was either having a stroke or she was pissed these women dared to have a conversation in Spanish in her presence. It was the latter. As soon as the other women exited the elevator, really stupid co-worker went off on a really stupid rant. And I had to explain to her I found this elevator ride way more peaceful when I couldn't understand the people talking. Who the fuck cares if two women you don't know want to speak to each other in Spanish? I sure as fuck don't.

Ignorant racist relatives, co-workers or neighbors of people who read my blog, please don't assume it's okay to say ignorant racist shit just because you're alone with another white person. It's not and I find it more disturbing than two strangers speaking Spanish.

Why is it that the people who are so adament everyone in the U.S. must speak English are the people who royally fuck up the English language? Just look at your president/messiah. He says things like “bigly” and “a very against police judge” and tweets things like “an unpresidented act.” I'd love to unpresident that motherfucker. 

Fuck me.

Reclaiming my time.

Ignorant racist relatives, co-workers or neighbors of people who read my blog, you may leave my blog now. I'm done with you.

People who read my blog, if you pre-order my book, The Daughter He Left Behind: The Tiffany Trump Story, then I'll start writing it.

Namaste, Bitches

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dare To Be Stupid

My sister noticed this house while driving through Ohio. She pulled over to take pictures for the amusement of everyone who passed the third grade. I doubt the owners of the house are reading this because they're obviously not big readers. On the off chance they are, I'd like to offer a piece of advice. You can't claim to be the superior race and misspell rebel at the same time. You just can't. To quote my roommate while watching the Charlottesville coverage, “I wouldn't be surprised if they misspelled KKK.”

My new favorite pastime is trolling Trump on Twitter. I know he's not reading my tweets, but it's still super satisfying to reply to his jackassery in real time. Not surprisingly, I sometimes receive angry responses from Trump supporters that have absolutely nothing to do with what I've written. Behold the following exchange from last week:

I was kind enough to remove the asshole's name even though he broadcast his name and stupidity on Twitter for all the world to see. Note the date. It was five days before Charlottesville. Twitter Asshole did save me some time by referring to the KKK as terrorists so I don't have to. Thanks, Twitter Asshole. As a general rule, I block people who send me pictures of burning crosses for no apparent reason. I will give Twitter Asshole a little credit. Very little. He is correct that the parties' stances on race and civil rights were once reversed. Republicans were originally the party of civil rights. Over a century ago. They've spent the last seventy years preying on the fears of racist people. Sorry, Twitter Asshole, you don't have the moral high ground here. And it's fucked up I have to tell a Trump supporter he doesn't have the moral high ground.

Naturally, Trump's response to the Charlottesville riot was stupid.

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides. It's been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. This has been going on for a long, long time."

I guess it was nice of him to take the blame off Obama, even though no one was blaming Obama. As a matter of fact, we got through eight years under the first African American president without a single Klan riot. Yet, six months of Trump and not only has the Klan taken to the streets with machine guns and pepper spray, they've done so without hiding their faces behind creepy hoods. Which is kind of a double edged sword. On one hand, it's really fucking freaky that Klan members aren't afraid to be exposed. On the other hand, we know who's in the fucking Klan. For decades, we had to kind of guess if someone was a Klan member and if we guessed wrong, it was awkward. Please excuse me while I write an open letter to the Klan.

Dear Ku Klux Klan,

I saw what you did and I know who you are. That's from a movie called I Saw What You Did.

Seriously, though, losing the sheets was an awesome move. That was a brazen act of arrogant ignorance befitting the president. Those of you who are employed will soon be losing your jobs.  I'm sure CPS will be coming to take your kids. Some of you may even lose your freedom.

You know that shit was on TV, right?

Trump can't save you.

Best Regards,
Donna Troy

Many people have been blaming Trump for the attack in Charlottesville. You know, because he's completely to blame for the attack in Charlottesville. Trump announced his candidacy for president by declaring Mexicans are rapists. That's the kind of rhetoric that really speaks to the heart of the average Klan member. 

A mere five months into his candidacy, he tweeted phony crime statistics from a non-existent agency.  And wouldn't you know those phony statistics say "the blacks" are killing everyone.  Those are the kind of phony numbers the Klan desperately want everyone to believe. They know it's not true.  I mean, if black people were murdering at such high rates, I think they would have killed off the Klan by now.

Trump appointed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as attorney general. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions still had slaves working on his plantation until the early 1990s. That's not true, but it totally sounds like it is. And it sounds like it is because Jefferson Beauregard Sessions once referred to the NAACP as “un-American” and “communist-inspired.” That is true. Which reminds me, I need to write an open letter to Mitch McConnell.

Dear Mitch McConnell,

Remember when Elizabeth Warren was trying to read a letter by Coretta Scott King during Session's confirmation hearing and you were a total dick and cut her off?

Yeah, that's not going away any time soon. Good times.

Best Regards,
Donna Troy

Trump chose Stephen Miller as Senior Policy Adviser. Stephen Miller once accused Maya Angelou of “racial paranoia.” Please excuse me while I write an open letter to Stephen Miller.

Dear Stephen Miller,

You can tell us why the caged bird sings once you're in prison for treason with the rest of the deplorables.

Best Regards,
Donna Troy

Trump chose Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist. Steve was head of Breitbart News, which proudly claims to be the voice of the alt right. The alt right is white supremacy under new management. Steve was responsible for such headlines as, “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism Or Cancer?” Please excuse me while I write an open letter to Steve Bannon.

Dear Steve Bannon,

Here's a headline for you, “Steve Bannon: Next On Trump's Chopping Block.”

Best Regards,
Donna Troy

In case anyone is still uncertain about Donald Trump's association with white supremacists, the Klan members were thoughtful enough to carry Trump signs, and wear Trump shirts and MAGA hats while they murdered a woman in cold blood.

Please excuse me while I write an open letter to Trump supporters.

Dear Trump Supporters,

Remember how you got all pissy when Hillary Clinton called you a basket of deplorables?

You've got nerve.

Best Regards,
Donna Troy

I could be rushing to judgment by blaming Trump's influence for the murder of an innocent woman. It could have been the Dukes of Hazzard. Think about it. The rally was in protest of the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. The killer mowed through a group of pedestrians in a Dodge Charger. The Dukes of Hazzard are known for their reckless driving in a Dodge Charger dubbed The General Lee. Just where were Tom Wopat and John Schneider during the time of the murder? Actually, Tom Wopat may be off the hook because he was arrested last week for groping some woman like he's the fucking president or something. And that's just a little bit more than the law will allow.

Although, I make a strong case for The Dukes of Hazzard, I think the case against Trump is still stronger. His own words show he doesn't give a shit. In the middle of all this, he sent out a tweet so bad, even by Trump standards, that a news anchor asked her producer to double check it came from Trump before reading it on air.

Please excuse me while I troll Trump on Twitter.


Namaste, Bitches


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